Test run waterbus

SEM Motrac Industries measuring hydraulic drive system waterbus
SEM is taking measurements!

Today I take you out on a recent job in Nijmegen where I performed measurements during the test run of the water bus. 

Motrac Industries has recently developed and delivered the hydraulic drive system for this water bus. Safety is key and we have to make sure everything works as it's supposed to before any machinery is taken into use. 


I measure, among other things, the system pressure, the temperature of the hydraulic oil and the leak-and suction pressure. All those things have to be within the right specifications. The measurements were succesful, and the water bus is running and navigating as it should. 


My job here is done, I start the service van and I'm off to head home.


See you soon!

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Motrac Industries hydraulically driven waterbus Powered by experts!
The waterbus performing on its test run!
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The waterbus is running and navigating as it should.

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